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53 - absence? 
22nd-Aug-2007 02:17 pm
So I've been sick for a long while now. I lost insurance and just didn't go to the doctor's. And by 'long while,' I mean-- since before I got Cass' raindrop necklace and manga book. It was just a UTI, but then turned into a kidney infection that I bummed through weeks with it. Recently I just bit the bullet and found a clinic that didn't require 250 before I was even seen. UMC apparently is really cheap, despite the lousy customer service they delivered on account of my lack of insurance.

And so that's my miniupdate. I'm feeling a lot better now, but I have to go to the IRS with mom and pick up my paycheck and get my books for school. I'll write up an entry later that sort of updates me more, I guess.
24th-Aug-2007 11:43 am (UTC)
Dear god. o_o;; I hope I didn't make you feel bad when I mentioned you weren't around.. :x

Glad to hear you're feeling better, hope school goes well.

I'm moving into my dorm on the 1st.. It'll be interesting. :P
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